PAHRC aims to provide highly qualified and competent Filipino workers in accordance with its Client's/Principal's needs. Qualifications and competencies of each Worker shall be based on Standards globally set by various governing Institutions.

PAHRC has its Manpower pooling duly stored and secured in its database. The database of qualified and pre-screened applicants are properly categorized as Professionals, Skilled, Semi-skilled and unskilled workers.

PAHRC attends to personal and on-line processing of applications. Applicants through on-line are required to visit the office for personal interview upon receipt of confirmation e-mail from PAHRC acknowledging the on-line application.

PAHRC strictly adheres to the rules and regulations set by the Phillipines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA)


  1. Two copies of complete Resume.
  2. Two Passport-size pictures
  3. Valid Passport
  4. Valid NBI Clearance (Workabroad)
  5. Two copies of your Diploma + Original.
  6. Two copies of Work Certificate + Original.
  7. Two copies of Training/Seminar Certificate + Original.
  8. Non Objection Letter (2 copies) for Ex-Workers in Saudi Arabia.
  9. Driver's Licence if any.
  10. PRC License.
  11. Two copies of duly filled-in PAHRC Application .

As our Web Site http://www.pacificace.com.ph is open to anyone, it is understood that All Applicant's information submitted thru online or Personal Application shall automatically be stored to our DATABank, and that, Applicants agree to have their Personal Informatiion be viewed by our prospective Employers via online

The company maintains a computerized database of applicants for easy reference. After being notified by the principals of their updated manpower requirements we can immediately mobilize workers by searching the database. We constantly pool applicants thru our specialized technical mobilizing team in the field of recruitment.

Pre-Screen/Selection/Trade Test
PAHRC has highly qualified team who perform the selection and pre-screen process of applicants. The company also maintains experienced professional and technical assesors who further evaluate the workers in their field of professional and/or technical skills.

For trade testing services, we have affliation with TESDA, MIESCOR, EXECUTIVE, EURO-PHIL Trade Specialist Co. and PHILASIA.

PAHRC deploy only qualified workers duly approved by its Clients. The company also allows its Clients the implementation of a three (3) months probationary period for purposes of on-site evaluation.

PAHRC regularly sends its Clients timely reports for monitoring of recruitment and deployment activities. The company ensures that all Client's queries are acted upon within 24 hours upon receipt.

The company has developed a program that entails monitoring of deployed workers to help prevent future work related problems. This includes :

a) Regular on-site visit to Client's workplace

b) continuous personal communication with the Client and workers and

c) creating welfare section that caters to worker's needs..



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